Monday, January 15, 2018

Bridal Party Coloring Tutorial | DT Inspiration

Good Afternoon Oddballs!

Stephanie here :)
I created a coloring tutorial featuring the new release Oddball Art Stamps,  Bridal Party digistamp. I have all the details on my blog   Had a small mishap but it's all good now :)

Remember you still have time to join our Blog Challenge and also the ATC swap on the Facebook group

Sunday, January 14, 2018

EK's ATC Swap

Hey everyone!  EK here to share a post that really took me out of my comfort zone. 

Anyone else feeling a little nervous about the new ATC Swap (Artist Trading Card Swap) happening over in the Facebook group?  Me too.

I have tried ATCs in the past, and it just hasn't ever been an something that I was happy doing.  So needless to say, joining in with the swap, has made me really nervous.  But I am also not the kind of girl who doesn't try.  So this past week I sat down with a couple of Oddball Art Digital Stamps and tried again with these strange little things called ATC.

I ended up doing two ATCs.  The first features digi #233, Big Eyed Baxter, who is sort of a creature right...he's a cat, not a human, so I am calling this project fulfilled!

The second ATC features the digi #34, Big Eyed Zombie Sheep.  And I learned this week, for me, the key to ATCs is keeping it simple and that less is more.

For more on these ATCs, check out my page here at ekgorman designs, so see the handful of products I used.

I can not wait till the 25th when I get to send these out to their new homes.  I never really thought I would be excited about this, but guess what...I am.  And I am even more excited to get my new ATCs from one of you.

Don't let your fear or nerves stand of your way to trying something new.  You might just love what you do.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Flip Album Tutorial

Hello Oddball´s

It´s me... Tina
This time I've created a tutorial for a little flip album.
In it I want to collect some of my favorite pictures of Oddball.
Not only many photos; also 3 videos where you can see 
how I colorize and see the finished album.

Have fun reworking and watching.


1.) 2 pieces  12x12cm and 1 piece 12 x 5cm!

Here is my SnapPap in kraft colors. I cut it first, 
then I wet it a little and press it very tight so that it crumples. 
Once dried, you can continue working on it. I inked it with ink sprays and stamped 
inks and stamped some circles on it and wiped it with Distress Micro Glaze. 
So it is protected and gets a nice light shine.

Now connect the 3 parts for the album like that.

Here I have the SnapPap glued to the outside and fixed with clothespins until it is dried.

That's how it looks finished. I have also a leather strap for to close attached.

Cutting edge 4 retaining tabs in these sizes:
7 x 11,5cm - fold at 1,5cm and 5,5cm
6 x 11,5cm - fold at 1,5 and 4,5cm
5 x 11,5cm - fold at 1,5 and 3,5cm
4 x 11,5cm - fold at 1,5 and 2,5cm 

Then cut off all corners diagonally 

Now glue all parts evenly distributed on each other

Now we cut 8 x piece of cardstock or design paper in size:
24cm x 11,5cm. This you have to fold at 11,5 and 23 cm.

Now stick the pockets in the album. To do this, put the bag on the holder and 
glue it on one side only.

I have the bags still embossed and attached a  decoration. 
This makes them easier to pull out and open later.


The finished Album

Thank you for watching my videos ...

See ypu soon...


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Oddball Bookmarks

How's it going Oddballs?  I told you I am coming out of my comfort zone.  Today I am trying to inspire you to make other things besides cards, well I inspired myself to .. Da da, we have my very first attempt at bookmarks.

I hope you will stop by my blog  to get the lowdown on what I did and where I went wrong.  It's a good read, if you have a spare 2 mins or maybe 3, it's probably the longest blog I have ever posted!

Of course, you will see all the images I have used at the Etsy shop Specific image numbers are on my blog
and don't forget our first Blog challenge for 2018 with the optional twist of Feature a Creature I hope I have given you some inspiration to maybe create some bookmarks for it.

Don't forget you can use my code to get an extra 10% discount off your order.


  See you again soon! 

Gail xx

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Upgrade Your Art Journal!

Hey there Lovelies! Alexa here to share with you my "Feature A Creature" project for this month! I decided to take my art journal to the next level by giving it's cover a cute face lift featuring  this amazing digital stamp!

You can check out the whole process & my thoughts on art journals over on my blog !

But here's the finished product in all its grungy glory! Click the photos & check out all the inspiring messages that greet me each day! Perfect to help me channel my inner art creature! Also. How rad is Cinda the Unicorn Fairy!?!

Now go find some notebooks or journals, snag some super cool stamps from the Oddball Art Co. Shop (remember to use code: DTALEXA10 for 10% off your purchase!) & create an inspiring cover!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Poet Journalist Extraordinaire

Hey everyone!  EK here to not only share a card I made featuring one an Oddball Art digi, but to introduce myself to the Oddball Family.  I am one of the new Design Team members who specializes in colored cards!

Today I am playing around with the digital stamp Poet Journalist Extraordinaire #157 and my colored pencils.

I also pulled the perfect little sentiment for another one of Lizzy's gorgeous digital stamps, Josie and the Butterflies, #207, because any time I'm crafting, is in fact a 'Happy little Moment'!

For more on this card check me out over on my page, ekgorman designs

And if you need an incentive to the code DTEK10 for 10% off your purchase today!

Monday, January 8, 2018

January Challenge Inspiration with Jennifer

Hello Oddballs! Jennifer here, and I have the PERFECT image to share with you for our January challenge theme! The theme is Feature a CREATURE - how much FUN is that? Meet Mr. Monster Image No. 225. Monsters are creatures too, y'all! He's the CUTEST, and perfect for boy cards, IMHO. :)

You can read all the challenge details HERE. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs, and time to enter!! I can't wait to see what you make!

Be sure to use coupon code DTJENNIFER10 when you're shopping at the Oddball Etsy Shop so you can save a few pennies!! So many new images in the store; don't miss out!

If you enjoy my posts here at Oddball Art Stamps, please join me over on Glitter In My Hair to see more of my creative work!

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